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News and Media

The Kings County Department of Public Health is able to receive and conduct interviews and media requests from local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations. Press Releases serve as a essential tool to share essential public health and safety announcements with community members and media outlets in both English and Spanish. 

Contact for Media Inquiries: 


Phone: (559) 584-1401

County of Kings News

Archived Press Releases

Health Alerts, Advisories, and Updates

What are Health Alerts, Advisories, and Updates?

- Health alerts, advisories, and updates are a way to share urgent health information from the CDC to local health organizations:


  • CDC sends a Health Alert Network (HAN) to states and partners (hospitals, emergency response agencies, and health providers)

  • The state of California will send information through California Health Alert Network (CHAN) to local health departments such as Kings County Department of Public Health. 

  • Local Health Departments will determine which issues are pertinent to each county and send a local health alert to providers, pharmacies, and other community partners. 


What is the difference between an alert, advisory, and update?

  • Health Alert: Requires immediate action and has the highest level of importance

  • Health Advisory: May not require immediate attention, contains information for specific incidents

  • Health Update: Unlikely requires immediate attention, contains information for specific incidents

  • Health Information: General health information that is non-urgent

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