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Mosquito Abatement resources

Kings Mosquito Abatement District (KMAD) offers an array of services that help reduce the spread of mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry. The community is encouraged to report green or neglected swimming pools that can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes in urban areas, biting mosquitos, and standing water, to help identify issues before they escalate.


Service forms can be filled out on the KMAD website (posted below) or can be reported to (559) 584-3326. 

West Nile virus has been detected in a variety of bird species. Some infected birds, especially crows and jays, are known to get sick and die from the infection. Reporting and testing of dead birds is one way to check for the presence of West Nile virus in the environment. The public is encouraged to report dead birds to the California Department of Public Health’s West Nile Virus surveillance program as it is one way of tracking where the WNV could be spreading to. To report a dead bird, you may call 1-877-968-2437 or submit and online report at | California West Nile Virus Website or You can also contact the Kings Mosquito Abatement District at 559 -584-3326. Kings Mosquito Abatement District

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